Thursday, July 24, 2014

Why you need Dofollow Social Bookmarking Tools

I have messed up with very many dofollow social bookmarking tools. As a team, we have been able to firmly strike our niche market. This we were able to do equally as those that generate products and as partners too, and it is a total requirement to as fast as possible rank key terms. With varied money making ways, we have managed to come up with most likely 60 sites each in different market.

For any achievement in Internet marketing, we all know that traffic is the number one requirement. Any plan or anything started, without traffic, is like a dead deal.

I therefore saw it wise to share with us briefly on why you need dofollow social bookmarking services, and also give you some tools for the services that you can always try out.

Importance of Dofollow Social bookmarking tools

Dofollow social bookmarking services, as you are aware, is a very speedy way of receiving heaps of backlinks to your site. We’re in a new era where you don’t have to send requests of ‘reciprocal links’ to the prospective linking followers.

When it comes to dofollow social bookmarking service, you only need to enter in your URL in the account you formed on a social bookmarking site, insert a number of keywords then press enter-that would be 1 linkback.

The reason for the formation of web 2.0 dofollow social bookmarking services was fo0r people to find it easy whenever they were interacting with their friends, and also be able to effortlessly keep records of the various bookmarks.

Marketers realized so fast that many a times those links were searched by Google and all pages found, and a portion of them were found to be ‘dofollow’. In that duration they offered linkjuice. This simply means that whenever a link was found going to your site, Google would award you. You can always be able to mechanize the whole procedure of link building with adequate dofollow social bookmarking service tools. This will help you save equally on money and time.

The problems that come with manual dofollow social bookmarking service tools

Dofollow social bookmarking, just as anything else, has its own disadvantages particularly when performing it the manual way.

Dofollow social bookmarking service consumes lots of time. You are required to come up with 50 or 100 dofollow social bookmark accounts. After that, you need to confirm all the emails then maintain the passwords straight.

In submitting a bookmark, you are required to log in, fill up the form then press ‘submit’.

Repeat that at least 100 times a day and you’ll manage.

The Dark side of the dofollow social bookmarking service tools

Inasmuch as dofollow social bookmarking service tools have got their advantages, there are a number of things that again have to be looked at.

The first dark side or shortcomings of the dofollow social bookmarking service tools is that for the benefit of Google, it makes up so many links to your site, thereby regarded as spammy.

Another disadvantage of dofollow social bookmarking service tools is the monthly charges that they offer for access. That they do so as to keep the software running. For instance, the social web 2.0 has to be effected for the dofollow social bookmarking service tools to work time after time. This is because the web 2.0 is coming up at a high speed and has so many updates to their sites. Lack of the monthly charges in the one piece software experiences failure.

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